iPhone Folder Icons

Apple’s iOS4 introduced folders to the iPhone. By dragging an app onto another one, either on the iPhone or in iTunes, a folder is created with a suggested, editable name.

Many of us have done just that. In my case, I kept my most-used apps on the first Home Screen and organised the apps into folders on the second screen, thereby reducing the number of screens from 12 to 2!

Then, this morning, I noticed a tweet from Don McAllister (@donmcallister) who pointed out this page about how to name folders with icons instead of text.

I started playing around with it, firstly by creating an Apple folder, then by attempting to use icons for all my folders. “Flying”, “Travel” and “Games” were easy, but I struggled with “Sailing”, “Photography” and others. Then I remembered I had installed Spell Number on my iPhone which enables emoji icons.

A few minutes’ later I’d created this. Whether I stick with it is another matter…

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iPhone 4 folders
iPhone 4 folders

4 Replies to “iPhone Folder Icons”

  1. It’s a nice looking home screen but it would drive me mad to open a folder to launch almost every app.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I went down from 12 screens to 2 using folders so it’s worth it for me, on balance. I may not stick with the icon naming, though. 😉

  3. Hi i am using this app as well to organize my endless apps in folders. i’ve tried to apply also specific icons to these folders using foldericons app and for few minutes it worked very nice although the number of icons are very limited, but after few moments, the app stopped working. badly enough the author doesnt answer my help e-mail to him so i want to look elswhere. do you have any idea what i can use to apply specific icons (game icon to games folder) or can i extract an icon from a specific app and use that icon??

    thank you


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