A Weekend in Salcombe

Breakfast at the Winking Prawn, Salcombe:

A gin at the Salcombe Gin Distillery:

Video – A Day Trip to France

Lunch in Honfleur with friends:

Ricoh Theta SC 360 degree Images

A few images from my Ricoh Theta SC 360 degree camera. Click and drag to see the whole image.

Finikas, Syros, Greece

Naxos, Greece

Naxos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Seabus, Greece

B787 flight deck

Aero Expo 2017 at Friedrichshafen EDNY

Our second visit to Aero Expo. Lot’s of geeky aviation stuff to see, but only one day at the show followed by a day’s sightseeing.



Video: 2016 the Best and Worst Of

Family fun in 2016

Karen’s Leg

Karen had a second operation on Friday 12 November to remove the metal in her leg and place a frame around the outside. The consultant told us that the leg simply wasn’t healing quickly enough. She’ll be wearing the frame for at least four months so no skiing again this season.

2nd Op

2nd Op

Karen’s already up and about although she does get tired quickly. At least she’s on the mend…


Some shots of recent B787-9 flying:

Video: Round the Island Race 2016

The annual Round the island Race, round the Isle of Wight, that is, took place this year on 2 July. We entered, as usual, with some friends, having sailed the Solent for the previous few days.

Conditions were challenging, at times, but the big disappointment was the genoa jamming as we tried to take it down towards the end of the race. Hey ho, we had fun and there’s always next year.

Music by Josh Woodward (buy it!), cameras were two Drift HD Ghosts and a Drift Stealth 2.

The Webbs’ Golden Wedding Anniversary Surprise Party

Jenny Green and Jenny Morris organised a surprise party for Spider and Gill last night.

Pete & Gill's Golden Wedding

Pete & Gill’s Golden Wedding

A good time was had by all!

Video: Walks in Lincolnshire

Filmed at Londonthorpe and Rutland Water.

Some Pics from the Weekend

Le Touquet LFAT, Guernsey EGJB and Alderney EGJA

Alderney EGJA

Alderney EGJA

Trip Report (Historical) – South Africa to the UK, September 1998

I bought my A36 Bonanza in July 1998 in South Africa when the currency was having one of its periodic falls. I wrote up the story of the ferry flight for Aero Africa magazine (RIP), and have just found it again. For the full story, see my A36 Blog.

Loading at Wonderboom

Loading at Wonderboom

For the full story, see my A36 Blog.