How Aeroplanes Work

And how it’s explained in the newspapers:

The jetbrake is what holds the thrilling-edge sluts in place during a roach on a taxiramp or a runtower. When the props are retarded on the combustion spool, sometimes the engine stalls and the hayler-ons have to go around on a mist roach. Often the plane is only a few hours or miles away from a deadly crash. The pilots must call the elevators with the patrol yolk to avoid disaster. When the wetway is advanced by the thug, if the pines aren’t polled properly, the breaks can crash the handling rear, and then catastrophe is only a heartbeat away. Pilots of course rely on sleep, GPS, and their FIR procedure dishes to avigate the airplane, and it’s easy for them to mess up and rotate no delay while yawing, with tragic consequences. I saw this on the news, so I know it’s right. Thank goodness these things are brought to light before they kill someone.

By AnthonyGA on Pprune.

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