Ricoh Theta SC 360 degree Images

A few images from my Ricoh Theta SC 360 degree camera. Click and drag to see the whole image.

Finikas, Syros, Greece

Naxos, Greece

Naxos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Seabus, Greece

B787 flight deck


Some shots of recent B787-9 flying:

Trip Report (Historical) – South Africa to the UK, September 1998

I bought my A36 Bonanza in July 1998 in South Africa when the currency was having one of its periodic falls. I wrote up the story of the ferry flight for Aero Africa magazine (RIP), and have just found it again. For the full story, see my A36 Blog.

Loading at Wonderboom
Loading at Wonderboom

For the full story, see my A36 Blog.

Garmin GPSMAP 695 – Sold!

This is a rock-solid GPS which has lived in my panel for the last two years. It has a 7″ screen which is very easy to see in a bright cockpit, hard buttons (no touchscreen) and it won’t overheat. With the “bare wires” cable connected to your panel, the 695 receives the current flight plan from your GTN/GNS and a charge so if you were to lose electrical power you’d have a fully charged GPS to work with.

I bought this GPS second-hand in 2013 and replaced the battery at that time. All the databases are up-to-date. ChartView is unlocked and Central European Jeppesen charts are installed. They will expire soon but remain visible until 70 days after expiration.

I’m including a soft case, the protective cover, cigarette light power adapter, AC adapter, USB cable, Quick Reference Guide, Owner’s Manual and the “bare wires” data & power cable. The original yoke mount got taken to pieces so I could install the GPS in my panel so I might not be able to put it back together, but there are loads of cockpit mounts available.

More information about the GPSMAP 695 on Garmin’s website.

695 screen
695 screen
695 installed
695 installed

I’ll take some more photos when I remove the GPS from my aircraft.

This GPS is over £1400 new – I’m asking £600 plus postage.

Instant Aviation Weather Anywhere

How would like you like to get weather information like this…

EGOV 250950Z 17014KT 9999 FEW017 SCT170 BKN250 16/11 Q1004 BLU NOSIG TAF EGOV 250736Z 2509/2518 17012KT 9999 FEW022 PROB30 TEMPO 2514/2517 7000 -RA BECMG 2516/2518 BKN018


European Radar
European Radar



…instantly on any device?

With one free app and another free account, you can.

It works by combining your AutoRouter account with the new Telegram Messenger app. Here’s how to get it set up:

    Go to and open a free account
    Download Telegram Messenger for all the devices you want to use
    Associate Telegram with your mobile telephone number
    In Telegram, search for “autorouter” (it’s a bot) and send it a message
    It will reply that it doesn’t know who you are because you need to link the Autorouter account with the Autorouter bot
    Tap on the safety pin, find yourself in the contacts list, and send it your mobile number

It should all be configured now, so try sending “radar” to the autorouter bot and get back something like the first image in this post. If that works, try “sferics” to get lightning strikes or “EGLL” to get the Heathrow weather.

There are tons of commands available. If you enter one that the bot doesn’t understand, it replies with the list of supported commands. Since it doesn’t understand “help”, that’s what I use to remind me what’s available.

    Supported commands:
    EOBT – delay or bring forward next flight plan to hour and minute UTC.
    CANCEL – cancel the next flight plan.
    ARRIVAL – send arrival message at hour and minute UTC.
    WX – METAR/TAF for airport with given ICAO ID.
    NEAR – get METAR/TAF near ICAO airport
    NOTAM – NOTAMs for airport/FIR (add ordinal for details)
    PLATES – AIP plates
    SUBSCRIBE – subscription management
    GRAMET – vertical route profile
    SIGMET – European SIGMET
    SFERICS – lightning strikes
    RADAR – rain radar
    SATIR – infrared satellite
    TOPS – infrared with cloud tops estimation
    MSLP – mean sea level pressure analysis
    SIGWX – significant weather
    TEMSI – European TEMSI forecast
    AIRSPACES – Active airspace information
    RADARSLOVENIA – Slovenian rain radar
    NORDICSWC – Scandinavian Significant Weather Chart
    DWD – German Met Office products (subscription required)
    Send your location for METAR/TAF in the vicinity

For a complete explanation of how to set it up and the commands available, go to the Autorouter site.

One more thing – if you have an account with the German Weather Service (DWD), perhaps because you have an ADL120 installed in your aircraft, you can get images like this: