Edimax BR-6258nL Wireless Router

Here’s another great little gadget to have in your travel kit, a wireless router the same size as a USB memory stick!

Configure it once with a unique SSID and password, then plug it into the ethernet cable in your hotel room and it creates your own WiFi network for all your devices. It also works as a WiFi repeater so it will retransmit any wifi you are already connected to.

Much smaller, lighter and cheaper than an Apple Airport Express.

£22 from Amazon

3 Replies to “Edimax BR-6258nL Wireless Router”

  1. Hi Chris, not sure how, but stumbled across your blog. I bought one of these little routers as they look rather good. I am having a nightmare setting it up, nothing I do seems to work. I plugged it in to a usb port on my PC as per the manual, I then access it via my ipad and change the SSID and give it a password. I then try to use it as a repeater, retransmitting my wifi in the wisp mode, but it simply does not work. Any idea what I am doing wrong or is it a step I have missed somehow? It never gives me the opportunity to enter admin and 1234 anywhere…

    Cheers! Rob.

  2. Hi Rob, Saw your message then went skiing and it slipped my mind – sorry!

    The USB connection is only for power – as long as the 6258nL is plugged into something for power it will work. With an ethernet cable connected it should create a Wi-Fi network, without it will retransmit a selected currently available Wi-Fi network. When I connect to mine it asks me which mode I wish to use.

    If it’s not working, I’d try resetting it to factory default (push reset button for 10 sec) and see if it works with the default settings. If it does, then change SSID/pw etc and try again.

    (Bleeding obvious statement: when you change settings you’ll need to disconnect Wi-Fi and reconnect because the old settings won’t be available.)

    Hope this helps, Chris

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