Karen’s Leg

Karen had a second operation on Friday 12 November to remove the metal in her leg and place a frame around the outside. The consultant told us that the leg simply wasn’t healing quickly enough. She’ll be wearing the frame for at least four months so no skiing again this season.

2nd Op
2nd Op

Karen’s already up and about although she does get tired quickly. At least she’s on the mend…

Karen’s Accident

Rescue arrives
Rescue arrives

Karen had a nasty accident this week and broke both bones in her lower right leg. She was helicoptered down the mountain to the Morzine Medical Centre and, after and x-ray, moved to the Georges Pianta Hospital in Thonon-les-Bains for an operation to set her leg. She’s had a plate and screws attached to hold everything together and is now on the mend.

We’re expecting her to be discharged on Sunday, but she’ll be on crutches for six weeks or so and it will take three to four months for a complete recovery.

Update: Monday 22 Feb. Karen saw the doctor this morning and he said the new cast will be fitted today but she needs to stay in hospital for another night before being released.

Update: Tuesday 23 Feb. Escape Committee success! Karen was discharged this morning and is now on the sofa at home! Her new cast is split on both sides so we can clean the skin every two days. Now, how to get to Geneva on Sunday?

Update: Friday 26 Feb. Back to Thonon Hospital this morning for a final check-up with the surgeon. He’s very happy with the way the wound is healing so it’s London on Sunday and a London hospital next week for the permanent cast to be fitted.

Update: Tuesday 15 March. The cast is off but still no weight on leg for at least another two weeks.

La Grande Ourse, Mont Chéry

La Grande Ourse
La Grande Ourse

There’s not much competition for the best restaurant on the slopes of Morzine and Les Gets. The pistes are littered with places that offer overpriced food and surly service. Having skied in the area since 1979 and this year since mid-February, we’ve had a chance to explore more places than usual and made it our daily mission to track down the best food!

Chez Nannon (Nyon) and La Paika (Les Gets) are very good, but ahead by a clear margin is La Grande Ourse (no, “The Big Bear”, not what you’re thinking).

La Grande Ourse is at the top of Mont Chéry, the ski area opposite Les Gets. Run by the Venning family, from Cornwall in South-West England, La Grande Ourse has been completely renovated in the last three years to a very high standard. The staff are attentive and knowledgable (and speak excellent English!) and the menu is a delight. On the menu when we visited was chicken, seafood tartiflette, lamb, salmon, Cornish sausages, duck and the inevitable hamburger. The menu of the day (15 Euro) was belly pork served with leek mash followed by sticky toffee pudding. My other half had the Cornish sausages. It was all delicious.

Although Mont Chéry isn’t the biggest ski area in the Portes du Soleil, La Grande Ourse is certainly good enough to justify a special trip to these slopes. We’ll be back soon!

To book go to the La Grande Ourse website or call 06 79 42 58 86

Powder Video

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