Nintendo DSi – update

Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi
I promised some more details on the DSi.

I’ve now had it for three or four days and had a chance to play with it for a while. The new features that I like are:

  • DSiWare – downloadable software
  • SD card slot – for music, photos and downloaded games
  • Better user interface
  • Dual cameras

I can’t say I really notice the larger screens and I don’t notice the removed GBA slot – in my DS Lite I used it for a rumble pack.

So far I’ve downloaded the Web Browser – works fine but just as slow as ever, Pyoro aka Birds & beans – a simple but fun shooting game and Paper Aeroplane – fly a paper aeroplane down an increasingly difficult vertical channel. I’d like to download Movable Memo as well but I can’t find it – I’m not sure it’s been enabled yet in the UK store.

I’ve tried loading some AAC music files onto an SD card and they play very nicely in the DSi. If the headphones are connected when the music is playing, it continues to play if the case is closed. Useful if you’re on the move.

The user interface is much simpler. The screen shows a horizontal list of installed software – lots of room to grow. The applications can be rearranged to your preferences.

The dual cameras are great fun. Although the images are only 640×480 the software allows you to manipulate and distort them to achieve lots of weird effects. Probably more fun for the younger audience but good to see Nintendo use these low-resolution cameras to good effect.

Overall, this is a very nice little games machine. When new “DSi only”games are released that take advantage of the faster processor I’m sure we’ll see some great new games. Until then, unless you’ve got a game that relies on the DS Lite GBA slot, your current games will work on the new DSi.

Not a must-have upgrade, but probably worth it especially if you can trade in your DS Lite as some high street stores are offering.