Index to RAF Manuals and Flight Reference Cards

I’ve uploaded all the documents that I’ve got, so that’s it for the time being. Here’s the list on one page:

AP 129 Flying – Volume 1 – Aircraft & Equipment

AP 129 Flying – Volume 2 – Aircraft Operation

Bulldog T Mk 1 Flight Reference Cards

Chipmunk T Mk 10 Flying Instructor’s Handbook

Chipmunk T Mk 10 Flight Reference Cards

Gnat T Mk 1 Aircrew Manual

Gnat T Mk 1 Flying Instructor’s Manual

Gnat T Mk 1 Flight Reference Cards

Harrier GR3/T4 Flight Reference Cards

Hawk T Mk 1 Flight Reference Cards

Jet Provost T Mk 3 & T Mk 4 Flying Instructor’s Handbook

Jet Provost T Mk 5 & 5A FRCs

RAF Swanton Morley Gliding Instructions

16-Ship Harrier Formation

16-Ship Harrier Formation
16-Ship Harrier Formation
15.12.10: Sixteen GR9 Harrier aircraft are pictured flying in a diamond formation to mark the retirement of the famous aircraft after 41 years of service. A formation of 16 Harriers took off from RAF Cottesmore and took to the skies of Lincolnshire. Photo © MoD:

Final Harrier Flights

I’ve put together a short (2 min) video of some of the flying at RAF Cottesmore yesterday, 15 December 2010. These were the final flights of the Harrier in RAF and RN service.


Download now or watch on posterous
   <b><a href='' style='color: #bc7134;'>2010_Final_Harrier_Flights_web.m4v</a></b> <span style="font-size: 10px; color: #424037;">(24161 KB)</span>       <br style="clear: both;"/></div>      </p></div>

WIWOH* Get Together

From Fito:

Gentlemen, This year’s Christmas get-together will be on Monday 20th December at the Railway Inn, Ketton from 7.30pm. Normal routine – for any newbies that means £10 a head in the kitty, everyone welcome (even WAGS!), stay as long as you want and have a beer or two with some old mates from this club that now has a declining membership! BTOBS Please forward this email to anyone not on the address list – and check out this link: The Flight Ops Officer
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