Video – A Day Trip to France

Lunch in Honfleur with friends


Aero Expo 2017 at Friedrichshafen EDNY

Our second visit to Aero Expo. Lot’s of geeky aviation stuff to see, but only one day at the show followed by a day’s sightseeing.


At Dole Tavaux LFGJ Cessna 140 What a colour scheme! Magni M24 Friedrichshafen Konstanz Konstanz Konstanz Konstanz Leaving EDNY Overhead Geneva


Some shots of recent B787-9 flying:

G-VDIA ar LHR The obligatory HUD sunset shot G-VNEW at LHR Chris almost working Pre-flight prep G-VZIG at SFO G-VZIG at SFO G-VWHO at DEL G-VWHO at DEL

Some Pics from the Weekend

Le Touquet LFAT, Guernsey EGJB and Alderney EGJA

Alderney EGJA

Le Touquet LFAT Plum & Brian Plum & Brian In Flight Magni M-16C Guernsey EGJB Alderney EGJA

Trip Report (Historical) – South Africa to the UK, September 1998

I bought my A36 Bonanza in July 1998 in South Africa when the currency was having one of its periodic falls. I wrote up the story of the ferry flight for Aero Africa magazine (RIP), and have just found it again. For the full story, see my A36 Blog.

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A36 Bonanza […]

Instant Aviation Weather Anywhere

How would like you like to get weather information like this…

EGOV 250950Z 17014KT 9999 FEW017 SCT170 BKN250 16/11 Q1004 BLU NOSIG TAF EGOV 250736Z 2509/2518 17012KT 9999 FEW022 PROB30 TEMPO 2514/2517 7000 -RA BECMG 2516/2518 BKN018


European Radar



…instantly on any device?

With one free app and another free […]

Day Trip to Deauville

For lunch…


Flying to the Alps

April 2015: flying from Fairoaks to Friedrichshafen EDNY for Aero Expo and on to Annemasse LFLI.

IV Sqn Logo on G-ZLOJ Tail



Aspen Installed

New Panel

Aspen 1000 Pro

There’s a little tidying up to do, but it’s pretty much complete!

More photos at

Air to Air

A36 Air to Air

In formation with a Stearman at the Virgin Atlantic Fly-In at Compton Abbas in September.

More photos on my A36 blog.

Gliding at Lasham

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