First Virgin Aircraft in Lyon

Diverted to Lyon on Saturday night with the UK in the grip of severe snow. Managed to get a slot to land at Heathrow 48 hours later…


So, flying from Nairobi to London last night it soon became obvious that the UK was having another weather nightmare. We made an early decision to divert to Lyon, in France rather than continue and simply end up somewhere like Glasgow two hours later.

We are the first Virgin Atlantic aircraft they’ve seen here and […]

Final Harrier Flights

I’ve put together a short (2 min) video of some of the flying at RAF Cottesmore yesterday, 15 December 2010. These were the final flights of the Harrier in RAF and RN service.

Download now or watch on posterous <b><a href=’’ style=’color: #bc7134;’>2010_Final_Harrier_Flights_web.m4v</a></b> <span style=”font-size: 10px; color: #424037;”>(24161 KB)</span> <br style=”clear: both;”/></div> </p></div> […]

End of an Era

Your intrepid reporter is today at RAF Cottesmore for the final flights of the Harrier. The briefing has taken place but the weather is punk so it remains to be seen how much flying actually takes place.

The 16-ship flypast is planned for 1500.

Final Harrier Flights at RAF Wittering Today

The final Harrier flights take place today, 10 December 2010, at the home of the Harrier, RAF Wittering. For more details see the report.

Bootleg Beatles

At the Royal Albert Hall, 6 December.

Rolls Royce Have Fixed The Airbus Engine Problem

Thanks to John for passing this on.

Leslie Nielsen’s Airplane Quotes