Welcome to my home page, Hangout. My name is Chris Parker. I’m a professional pilot (long-haul) and occasional light aircraft pilot and instructor. I’ve always enjoyed travelling and usually document my travels with photography. I live in London, in the UK.

Apart from links to my photo sites, you’ll find some articles on light aircraft flying around the world, a little about professional flying and some stuff on photography.

My photographs get uploaded to various places. Most of my half-reasonable ones can be found on Flickr. I put the best on my photo-blog, daily-photo.net. I also have a gallery on this site which contains aircraft photos, photos of Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport, and some sailing photos.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and find what you want.

My new postach.io mini-blog is here, and my About.Me page has some more links.

To contact me please use the Contact page on this site or securely through this address.

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PlayStation Trophies

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