A36 Weight & Balance

A36 W & B

A36 W & B

I’ve updated my Weight & Balance spreadsheet for the A36 Bonanza (with Osborne tip tanks). This is the Apple Numbers 3 version and will run on a Mac or iOS device. I’ve added “standard items”, such as spares, bags, aircraft cover, and you can select whether the item is on board, and if so, if it’s loaded forward (behind pilots’ seats) or aft.

The spreadsheet could easily be converted to use with other aircraft.

Download it here if you’d like to use it.

Hungary’s Best Rope Skipping Team

Introducing George

My Favourites Photos of 2013

Edimax BR-6258nL Wireless Router

Here’s another great little gadget to have in your travel kit, a wireless router the same size as a USB memory stick!

Configure it once with a unique SSID and password, then plug it into the ethernet cable in your hotel room and it creates your own WiFi network for all your devices. It also works as a WiFi repeater so it will retransmit any wifi you are already connected to.

Much smaller, lighter and cheaper than an Apple Airport Express.

£22 from Amazon

Great Little Torches

I’ve just ordered a bunch of these:

G3 Cree Q5

G3 Cree Q5

Amazon UK link G3 Cree Q5

Can run off a normal AA battery, or a high-power 14500 (need to buy the charger as well, in that case). Three settings: high, low and flashing. And less than £3! Over 200 5-star reviews on Amazon…

A36 Bonanza G-ZLOJ

Back in my ownership after 12 years’ travelling the world with Will Gray.

Will made some great improvements – tip tanks, new paint, stormscope, Garmin 530. I’m doing a few more bits and bobs now, pics to follow.

Understanding Risk

XKCD: Increased Risk

XKCD: Increased Risk


New Website: QEH1965.net

I’ve created a new website, to support the 50th anniversary of starting “big school” (see below).

Let me know what you think!


QEH Mini-Reunion

QEH, Bristol

School Friends

Had a mini-school-reunion on Saturday – school friends from Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital in Bristol. The next one is beiing planned for September 2015, 50 years after we started school!

Left to Right: Mark, Martin, Stephen, David, Roy, David, Chris, Chris and Rich