Flight Planning

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 Worldwide METARs (NWS)  NATS/AIS  Europe Analysis
 Worldwide TAFs 18 hrs (NWS)  DUATS  Indian Ocean Analysis
 Europe Sig Wx Current  FltPlan.com  North Pacific Analysis
 Europe Prognosis +24 hrs  Nav Monster  South Pacific Analysis
 Europe Prognosis +48 hrs  Europe Sat Analysis Current  Bracknell
 Europe Satellite (weather.com)  Europe Sat Analysis +24 hrs  Intellicast: Europe
 UK Satellite (weather.com)  Europe Sat Analysis +48 hrs  Intellicast: USA
 UK Met Office (Aviation)   Europe Sat Analysis +72 hrs  Intellicast: World
 Weather Worldwide (NWS)   Europe Sat Analysis +96 hrs  Aviation Digital Data Service
 US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center  Intellicast Aviation   Worldwide Airport Path Finder 
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