Website Stats for 2015


WordPress 2015 Stats

New Website:

I’ve created a new website, to support the 50th anniversary of starting “big school” (see below).

Let me know what you think!

xkcd – Dinosaurs

I think this is wonderful!:

Birds and Dinosaurs

Finally, trying Blogo

I’ve already paid for Blogo by BrainJuice, but haven’t used it much, so I’m writing this post in Blogo to see how it compares with MarsEdit and myBlogEditor.

Testing MarsEdit

Another well-known and popular blog editor for Mac OS X is MarsEdit by Red Sweater. I’m trying it now for comparison.

Testing myBlogEdit

This is a test of a Mac OS X blogging application: myBlogEdit.


This is fun. AudioBoo is a new social networking service which allows you to record your short (up to three minutes) thoughts, observations and commentary and upload them for all to hear. Stephen Fry (already very popular on Twitter) uses the service and is, as always, very funny.

And, of course, there’s the inevitable iPhone […]