Barnes & Noble Nook STR

Just picked up a Nook STR at B&N Georgetown DC. I already had a B&N account so it registered straight away in the store. Later, back in the hotel, I tried to buy a book and, not surprisingly, it asked for my cc registered address, adding “it must be an address in the US.”

So I added my UK address, it accepted it, and allowed me to continue and purchase the book, which appeared a moment later on the Nook.

The system may have looked at the IP address and and allowed the purchase because I’m in the States. I’ll try it again when I’m home.

Anyway, this may encourage other non-US residents to buy the Nook STR on their next visit to the States.

Google Plus

Google Plus looks interesting. I tried FaceBook a while ago but didn’t like it. Google Plus might be a big improvement.
G+ is still in beta, so I need to snag an invite to give it a try. I thought I’d got one yesterday but the email never arrived. Just have to be patient, I suppose…