Round The Island 2011

I’m so proud of my team.

After waking up in Swanwick Marina at 0350 we motored across to the start line at Cowes for our 0640 start. Conditions were pretty tough. We experienced Force 7 most of the day and we sailed with two reefs in the main until the last couple of […]



I’ve just discovered Windguru. It’s a weather forecast website aimed at sailors of all types.

There are highly detailed forecasts for many areas, and best of all, the basic service is free!

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Conan O’Brien Delivers Dartmouth’s Commencement Address

OK, this is low.

iPad 2: Protecting the back

Everybody loves Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad 2. But it doesn’t protect the back of the iPad at all.

Several companies have released “smart” back covers, such the SwitchEasy CoverBuddy, the Hypershield, the Smart Cover Enhancer and the Simplism Smart Back Cover. However these back covers aren’t cheap and, as far as I know, […]

End Airport-Security Shoe-Removal Misery

Are you a frequent flyer, airport staff or airline crew-member? Put an end to airport-security shoe-removal misery with Airport-Friendly shoes!

Metal-free shoes and boots, which don’t set off the alarms in metal detectors, are now available from many shoe manufacturers. Many can be found online at Zappos.

I chose the Florsheim Berkley slipons, in […]