Aperture Albums in iTunes

I had an issue the other day where a couple of my Aperture photo albums weren’t appearing in the photos tab of iTunes, so I couldn’t sync them to my iPad.

The fix turned out to be: select the errant photos in Aperture and then click on the menu item “Photos > Generate Thumbnails”.

Some people recommend “Photos > Update Previews” as well, but it wasn’t required in my case.

Olympus Penpal PP-1 for E-PL2

So my PP-1 turned up last week. It’s a Bluetooth adapter for the Olympus E-PL2 which fits into the Accessory Port and allows wireless image transmission from the camera to a mobile phone or laptop.

I paired it with my Apple MacBook Air but couldn’t get any files to transfer. So I emailed Derrick Story who’s a big fan of the Micro Four-Thirds cameras and who had already blogged that he’d got it working. He got back to me straight away and explained that you have to go to the Sharing Preference Pane and switch on Bluetooth Sharing. While you’re there you can also make “When receiving items:” read “Accept and Save”.

Now it all works fine and the PP-1 is a useful accessory! Thanks Derrick!

Daily Photo

A couple of months ago I changed my Picture of the Day website from a sub-domain of hangout to its own domain, daily-photo.net.

Ghana Sunrise
Ghana Sunrise

As you’ve probably guessed, I upload one photo a day as an attempt to improve my photography.

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Reset iPad Backup/Sync

Several times lately when I’ve tried to sync my iPad it’s failed to complete the backup stage, even after 10-12 hours. If you force-quit iTunes and try again iTunes will skip the backup with the error message:

“iTunes could not backup the iPad “Chris’s iPad” because a session could not be started with the iPad”

I did a little research to find a solution, here’s what works for me:

  • Quit or Force-Quit iTunes
  • Delete your old backup: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
  • Delete all files from ~/Library/Lockdown and /var/db/lockdown
  • Reboot Mac
  • Reboot iPad (hold Home and Power buttons until Apple logo appears)
  • Run iTunes
  • Select Reset Warnings and Reset Cache in iTunes Preferences > Advanced

Hope this helps someone else.