Sailing Photos

Not much in the way of blogging recently, I’m in the middle of a seven-week Yachtmaster Course. Here are a few images taken in the Solent, the English Channel, Cherbourg and the Channel Islands.

There are more photos on my Mobile Me site (and on Flickr):
Yachtmaster Week 1
Yachtmaster Week 2
Yachtmaster Week 3

iPhone Folder Icons

Apple’s iOS4 introduced folders to the iPhone. By dragging an app onto another one, either on the iPhone or in iTunes, a folder is created with a suggested, editable name.

Many of us have done just that. In my case, I kept my most-used apps on the first Home Screen and organised the apps into folders on the second screen, thereby reducing the number of screens from 12 to 2!

Then, this morning, I noticed a tweet from Don McAllister (@donmcallister) who pointed out this page about how to name folders with icons instead of text.

I started playing around with it, firstly by creating an Apple folder, then by attempting to use icons for all my folders. “Flying”, “Travel” and “Games” were easy, but I struggled with “Sailing”, “Photography” and others. Then I remembered I had installed Spell Number on my iPhone which enables emoji icons.

A few minutes’ later I’d created this. Whether I stick with it is another matter…

(Click to enlarge)

iPhone 4 folders
iPhone 4 folders