O2 micro sim Activation

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

I had a faff activating the micro sim in the Apple iPhone 4. The O2 page talks about activating the phone and activating the sim card and I confused the two.

After leaving the iPhone overnight with a screen message “Waiting for activation, this may take some time”, I realised I had to complete the O2 Sim Swap page as well. Three hours later it still hadn’t activated. So I removed and reinserted the sim in my iPhone 3GS which immediately came up with no service (deactivated successfully) then inserted the micro sim in the iPhone 4 which immediately activated.

Hope this helps someone else.

Round The Island Race 2010

We had a magnificent weekend taking part in the Round The Island Race 2010. It’s the biggest sailing race in the world, and it takes place from Cowes to Cowes around the Isle of Wight.

1670 boats started the race, with the first batch off at 0500. We were sailing a Sunsail 37 and our group of 69 crossed the start line at 0520. We finished at 14:20:23 in 12th place and a great time was had by all.

iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

Apple’s new iPhone 4 will be released on 24 June and it can be pre-ordered from tomorrow, 15 June. We still don’t know the UK pricing although the UK carriers have released their new dataplans. Based on the iPad dataplans I’m hoping that three will be competitive in which case I might switch to them from O2.

Rumours are that the iPhone 4 prices will be announced today.