What Every New iPad Owner Should Know


With the international iPad arriving soon, here are some things I’ve learned about the iPad over the last few weeks:

The battery life is great. It will last all day and maybe two days.

It needs a 2.1 amp charger as opposed to the 1 amp of the iPhone so your iPhone chargers […]

Bye Bye Facebook

OK I’m convinced. I’ve deleted my Facebook account. Here’s the story from Jason Calacanis via Leo Laporte.

[Update] And from the BBC: Facebook downplays privacy crisis meeting.

[Update] And from the New York Times: Privacy Settings.

Apple iPad Pre-Order Day

Apple iPad

You can now pre-order your UK Apple iPad for delivery on Friday 28 May. All versions are available, micro-sim data cards and accessories can be pre-ordered at the same time.

iPad Data Plans