The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds

Robin Olds
Robin Olds

I received this email from Monica at St. Martin’s Press:

Wanted to make you aware about this book we recently published. The long-anticipated memoirs of the greatest fighter pilot in American military history, Robin Olds:

The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds
By Robin Olds with Christina Olds and Ed Rasimus

Visit the link below for reviews, excerpt, Q&A and photos of the book.


St. Martin’s Press

From the blurb:

The widely anticipated memoir of legendary ace American fighter pilot, Robin Olds.

Robin Olds was a larger-than-life hero with a towering personality. A graduate of West Point and an inductee in the National College Football Hall of Fame for his All-American performance for Army, Olds was one of the toughest college football players at the time. In WWII, Olds quickly became a top fighter pilot and squadron commander by the age of 22—and an ace with 12 aerial victories.

But it was in Vietnam where the man became a legend. He arrived in 1966 to find a dejected group of pilots and motivated them by placing himself on the flight schedule under officers junior to himself, then challenging them to train him properly because he would soon be leading them. Proving he wasn’t a WWII retread, he led the wing with aggressiveness, scoring another four confirmed kills, becoming a rare triple ace.

Olds (who retired a brigadier general and died in 2007) was a unique individual whose personal story is one of the most eagerly anticipated military books of the year.

The book has been co-authored by Ed Rasimus who flew the F-105 Thunderchief and the F-4 Phantom on active duty in Vietnam. I’ve read both his books – When Thunder Rolled and Palace Cobra – and they’re both excellent. I’ll be buying Fighter Pilot.

Suzie Automatic iPad and MacBook Transfers

Canon 5D Mk II Decal on iPad
Canon 5D Mk II Decal on iPad

I found some great transfers (“decals” in American English) on the web and ordered this one. It’s a Canon 5D Mk II Mode Dial and it’s really easy to apply. It also comes off cleanly if you change your mind.

The decals come from Suzie Automatics and are listed on The iPad ones are the same size as the MacBook/MacBook Pro versions as far as I can see. This one cost US$15 with $3 shipping and it arrived about four days after ordering.

The iPad’s Here!

The iPad
The iPad

I picked up a trip to New York last week, four days after the Apple iPad was released. The SoHo Apple Store only had the 64GB models in stock – luckily that was the one I wanted. I also bought a second AC charger to keep in my travel bag, a Belkin case (they’d sold out of the Apple one) and a dock.

I’ve now had a few days to set it up and play with it. It is simply a wonderful machine. Reading on its LED screen is a joy, photographs look fantastic and there are already something like 2,500 iPad specific apps available. I imagine I’ll be carrying this more often than my MacBook Pro.

UK prices and release date haven’t been announced yet but the iPad is expected here by the end of April. The 3G and WiFi-only models should both be available then. I’ve obviously got the WiFi-only model, but despite the lack of GPS, it always seems to find my location. On the move I’ve got a Three MiFi to provide mobile internet access. Three are replacing it with an unlocked version this week which I plan to use overseas.

Here are some images and screenshots of some of my favourite apps: