Chinook Water Extraction

Some good flying:

Switch to Canon

I’ve made the switch from Olympus to Canon. I’ve really loved Olympus kit – image stablisation built into the camera body, smaller, lighter, cheaper lenses – but I decided I needed to make the jump to a full-frame sensor so as to have more control over depth of field and better low-light performance.

I’ve gone […]

Views of Stockholm

Some photos of Stockholm taken this week:

Stockholm Opera House Cobblestones Old Town Square Lunch Stockholm Old Town Cold Foot Glasses Vasabron Bridge


A few (cold) days in Stockholm to contrast with Kenya. In the Stampen Bar – live Country & Western – my two favourite kinds of music!

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Back in Nairobi

We’re back in Nairobi after a week at Shela, on Lamu Island, Kenya. There was no internet access at Shela, so we’ll be uploading photos like mad when we get home.

In the meantime, here’s a small selection:

Lamu Ferry Lamu Beach Shela Beach Leave Just Footprints Masai The Wedding Dress Runner on the Beach At The Helm Village Children Sailing Kenyan Sunset By My Window

African Photography Adventure

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