Parrot AR.Drone

Coming from Parrot later this year: the autostabilised augmented reality WiFi drone controlled from your iPhone! Demoed at this year’s CES, you know you want one!

(If the video doesn’t appear below, click here to see it on YouTube)


Another Turkish Airlines Ad

Someone at Turkish Airlines should get a grip on their advertising agency…

Thanks to Flying with Fish and The Flying Pinto for pointing this out.

Undercarriage Is An Extra $15

Turkish Airlines introduce the world's first Viagra-powered aircraft

Oh dear. Thanks to Photoshop Disasters for this…

O2: Simplicity for iPhone 20

Are you an iPhone user with an O2 contract? Is your contract about to, or already, expired? You should consider switching to the O2 Simplicity for iPhone 20 contract.

I’ve paid £35 per month since the iPhone was released on the O2 network in the UK, receiving for that 500 minutes, 600 texts, unlimited data […]