Bad Science – The Year in Nonsense

What Ben Goldacre’s written about in 2009.

It’s been a vintage year for dodgy science in government. We saw reports on cocaine that were disappeared, dodgy evidence to justify DNA retention, and some government advisors who estimated the cost of piracy at 10% of GDP, to media applause, and then failed to tell everyone they’d […]

A380 Flight Deck 360 deg Panorama

This is very cool!

Polar Panoramas: the Flickr Group

Little Planet Light House, originally uploaded by Jeremy_Schultz.

More on mini-worlds, or polar panoramas as they’re known. I’ve just found a flickr group for them.

140 Brilliant Polar Pictures

These are wonderful images. I’ve tried making images like this, in fact there’s a MiniWorlds page on this site with my five.

I found the instructions in the 27 February 2009 edition of MacUser UK. In short, the instructions are:

Start with a panoramic image In Photoshop, resize it to a square image (I’m […]

The Truth about Gadgets and Flying

“Everything is amazing and nobody is happy”by Meowbay

Animator vs Animation


Great animation! Thanks John for pointing me towards this.

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My Sentiments Entirely

I Gotta Feeling

Lip dubbed by students from the University of Québec – brilliant!

And how it was made:

Kevin’s new beard

For a bet, presumably…

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30 Amazing Photographs by John Holmes

30 Amazing Photographs by Joe Holmes

PLEASE Stay Somewhere Else!

Some rather unenticing hotel reviews…