Snow Leopard on Dell Mini 9

Here’s my Dell Mini 9 running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.1.

I followed the instructions on to do the upgrade from Leopard 10.5.7. The internal drive has been upgraded to a RunCore 64GB SSD so the easiest way to upgrade is to remove it, connect it to another Mac via USB, then […]

Finally, trying Blogo

I’ve already paid for Blogo by BrainJuice, but haven’t used it much, so I’m writing this post in Blogo to see how it compares with MarsEdit and myBlogEditor.

Testing MarsEdit

Another well-known and popular blog editor for Mac OS X is MarsEdit by Red Sweater. I’m trying it now for comparison.

Testing myBlogEdit

This is a test of a Mac OS X blogging application: myBlogEdit.

Great Gadget Website!

Is this the greatest online gadget shop ever? was mentioned as a Pick of the Week by Ron Brinkmann on the This Week in Photography podcast. I checked it out this morning and it has absolutely loads of great items at low prices and with free shipping to the UK and the USA.

A Model Day at Disney: Tilt-Shift Video

A tilt-shift lens produces a very shallow depth of field which makes the images look like a toy set. This video combines tilt-shift and stop-motion to produce a lovely effect.


From “Palace Cobra”, by Ed Rasimus, a great book about flying fighters in Vietnam:

“The aircraft G-limits are only there in case there is another flight by that particular airplane. If subsequent flights do not appear likely, there are no G-limits.” Frank Chubba, fighter pilot […]

Norfolk Broads

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Messing about on the river – the New Inn, Horning

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Restaurant Recommendations

I wanted to give a shout-out to a couple of great restaurants that we discovered on our recent trip to France.

The first is the KV&B, in Bandol, on the south coast between Marseille and Toulon. It’s on a small street, just back from the seafront, so you probably wouldn’t find it unless you knew […]

When Should I Tack?

Any sailing wizzes out there who can answer this?

I’m wondering whether I’m leaving it too late to tack, and thereby covering more ground.

Tack 1