Wet & Windy on the South Coast

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Posterous Review on TUAW

Here’s a great review of PicPosterous on The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Posterous is the really easy blogging service and PicPosterous is the companion iPhone app for photos and videos.

I’m using Posterous now because a) I can email anything to post@posterous.com and it will appear on my posterous blog and b) because it will automatically […]

Some Photos from Hung Hom

Hung Hom Skyline Waiting Hung Hom by Night Hung Hom Rush Hour Hung Hom KCR Beasties

Low Light Point & Shoot Cameras

Thinking about getting a new P&S? Read David Pogue’s New York Times article on the latest offerings from Sony, Canon and Fuji and why they’re so much better than last year’s models.

The bottom line: buy the Sony DSC-WX1.

Dell Mini 9 Driving Dell 24″ Monitor

Dell Mini 9 running second monitor at 1200 x 1920

Just got a new Dell 24″ monitor. Just for research purposes, I tried connecting it to my Dell Mini 9 and then rotating the monitor to portrait mode. A couple of Display Preference clicks later I had this! It’s running the 24″ at 1200 […]

Hubble Ultra Deep Field

From Gizmodo:

Showing 10,000 galaxies, the overwhelming Hubble Ultra Deep Field is the most amazing, most humbling image in history, demonstrating how tiny and precious we are. This video explains how it was taken, and shows it in three dimensions.


LaCie Power Supplies

In 2006 and 2007 I bought five LaCie external disc drives, mostly the d2 or d2 Quandra models with a capacity of 500GB. I also bought two LaCie Mini 500GB drives, the kind that match a mac mini and sit neatly underneath it. LaCie Mini Hard Drive LaCie d2 In 2008 the power supplies started […]

Karen’s a Winner!

Karen’s Winning Photo: Spinnaker Tower

We’ve just heard that Karen’s photo of the Spinnaker Tower has been chosen as the best photo of the Portsmouth (UK) photowalk. It now goes forward as the Portsmouth entry in the WorldWide Photowalk competition! Well done Karen!