Posterous Review on TUAW

Here’s a great review of PicPosterous on The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Posterous is the really easy blogging service and PicPosterous is the companion iPhone app for photos and videos.

I’m using Posterous now because a) I can email anything to and it will appear on my posterous blog and b) because it will automatically get posted to Hangout, flickr, twitter, and many other social networking sites.

It really doesn’t come any easier than this!

LaCie Power Supplies

In 2006 and 2007 I bought five LaCie external disc drives, mostly the d2 or d2 Quandra models with a capacity of 500GB. I also bought two LaCie Mini 500GB drives, the kind that match a mac mini and sit neatly underneath it.

In 2008 the power supplies started failing. The light would flash but the drive wouldn’t mount. With more than one drive I was quickly able to swap power bricks and confirm the problem. LaCie, to their credit, replaced each power supply without complaint, although on one occasion it took a while as they were out of stock. This happened four times with the d2 drives.

Last week it happened again. This time I ordered a drobo, ripped out the drives from the LaCie d2s and installed them in the drobo. As soon as I got that up and running one of the LaCie mac mini power supplies drives failed! Luckily I’ve now got a large stock of power supplies so I’ve just swapped it over.

Six power supply failures out of seven drives. Not good.